Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moving to a Big(ger) Boy Bed

Even though Beck is now three, he still sleeps in a crib.  He has always loved his bed, asking to go to bed (or have a nap) when he is tired, and when it's bed time, he often squeals with delight and can't wait to cuddle in with his blankie and puppy and turn his stars (Twilight Turtle) on.

I, for one, love that he still sleeps in a crib.  I like knowing that he's somewhat confined, doesn't have free roam of his room at all hours of the night, and is in no danger of rolling off and cracking his head open.  Okay, I can be a little dramatic!  We keep the side rail down, so it's only a few inches higher than his mattress, but he's only ever climbed out of it once.  I think Beck likes the security of his crib as well.  I think the sides make him feel safe and, his favourite word lately...COZY!

A few months ago, we bought Beck his "big boy bed", and have been waiting for the best time to move him into it.  This weekend, we thought we'd try transitioning him by removing the side rail of his crib to give him a "taste of freedom".  He was so excited before he went to bed, and slept for a few hours in it, but very early in the morning, we saw he had turned his light on and was banging around.  He didn't open his door, so we thought it was best just to leave him, and let him tire himself out.  The next day was a nightmare!  That night we asked him if he wanted his crib back and he said "yes, Daddy fix it back klease (please)".  So, it's a crib again.  We'll have to make the move one of these days though, but for now, I have my "baby" back!



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