Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music Concert

Beck absolutely loved his music class this year. We were enrolled in Music with your Baby at Mount Royal College Conservatory every Saturday morning from the end of January until the end of May. His first class was rough, he cried and clung to me for the first half of class, then hid under a chair for the second half of class. However, the very next class he was already singing his responses back to the teacher and playing the big xylophone and the drum. He loved it all and looked forward to class and would sing the songs throughout the week.

At the end of the session, each class performed one song at a Concert held in a theatre at the College. Although Beck didn't feel like taking center stage during his music class' rendition of "Wheels on the Bus", he did sit on the edge of the stage with his Granny, quietly sang along and waved. He was also a fabulous cheerleader for all the other classes and had a lot of fun singing along with the other children's performances. The ladies' man was alive and strong though, as he played over the back of the chair with his adorable classmate, Emma!

Crayon In My Pocket

Beck and I were making Banana Bread the other day and Sheldon decided to try out our new little Flip Video. He caught this little clip which I didn't catch at the time, but now whenever I need to laugh, I just play this video again. There's just something about the way he says it, or the look on his face, it's probably just me, but I can't get enough of it!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day and Thomas Day!

Today we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Heritage Park, and Granny and Grandpa came too. He's been excited for this day for so long. Last week he said to me "Mommy, Thomas is going to be so happy to see me!"

When Beck caught his first glimpse of Thomas, he said (in his loudest voice ever, and body language to match) "THOMAS....I'M HEEEERRRRE!!" We were laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!

Another funny moment was when we were all sitting on the grass enjoying ice cream cones. Thomas came around the bend and Beck yelled out "THOMAS....I HAVE ICE CREAM!"

Tonight as I was changing Beck into his pyjamas, he said to me again, "Happy Mothers' Day" (our mouths dropped open and it brought tears to my eyes again!) Then he said "...and Happy Thomas Day to me!" Absolutely! Happy Thomas Day, Beck! And Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers out there!

What an exhausting and fantastic day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Science Center

Today we had a lot of fun at The Science Center with Beck's friends Eden and Sienna and Serena.  Beck had fun in the space exhibit and the climbing area and water table in WOWtown.  They also had a blast on the rooftop playground.  After lunch, the kids squealed with delight watching teenagers and adults spin around on the G-Force bike.  Beck, Sienna and Eden would race over to the ledge, climb up on chairs and laugh and clap watching the bike spin around in circles.  Beck's favourite part though, was playing with the interactive screen (flinging the planets, popping bubbles and crating ripples).  Thanks for the great day girls! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Happy Visit

Beck had his first dental appointment today. They call it the "Happy Visit" because it's just meant to get the kids comfortable sitting in the chair and with the surroundings. The dental hygenist showed him some of her tools and put her fun gloves on. She asked to see his teeth and then asked if she could count them. He let her touch the tool to each of his teeth as she counted them! Very brave!! 20! Yeay!

Because he was such a good boy, he got a new toothbrush and floss and got to pick two toys out of the treasure cupboard! He thought it was lots of fun!

He has another appointment in October when we'll see if she lets him do a cleaning! Fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1 Sneaky Boy + 1 Toy Power Washer = 1 Soaked Mommy!

Such a sweet boy, even armed with his toy power washer, he wouldn't dare turn it on his own mother, would he? No, not his very own mother...

"Got you Mommy!!"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Soccer Star - #4

Beck was excited that his soccer jersey is yellow and black, just like the bees in The Bee Movie. He was also thrilled to be #4 - the same number as Gordon, the strong, fast train from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Today was Beck's very first soccer practice. His coaches are awesome, and he had a great time! After practice he said "I had fun today!"


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