Monday, May 4, 2009

The Happy Visit

Beck had his first dental appointment today. They call it the "Happy Visit" because it's just meant to get the kids comfortable sitting in the chair and with the surroundings. The dental hygenist showed him some of her tools and put her fun gloves on. She asked to see his teeth and then asked if she could count them. He let her touch the tool to each of his teeth as she counted them! Very brave!! 20! Yeay!

Because he was such a good boy, he got a new toothbrush and floss and got to pick two toys out of the treasure cupboard! He thought it was lots of fun!

He has another appointment in October when we'll see if she lets him do a cleaning! Fingers crossed!


Beck said...


Eden De Buck said...

That was really brave of you Beck!
Eden has been asking me to go to the dentist again because she also got a nice prize afterwards.


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