Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roooollller Coaaaaster!

This was Beck's first ride on a roller coaster. True, this was just a kiddie roller coaster, but it still had quite a few up and downs and sharp turns and it was going a lot faster than I thought it would.

A father of one of the other riders was telling his son to raise his arms. Beck overheard this and raised his arms - but they hadn't even started moving yet! I had to tell him he could put his arms down now and raise them if he wanted to during the ride. He started out gripping the handles for dear life, so I was a little worried that he'd start to freak out. But as you can see, he had the time of his life!
There he is, arms high in the air, third row from the front (Sienna is next to Beck and Lila and Eden are behind them.)


Cheryl said...

We never made it to Calaway park when we lived there....I wish we had, looks like a blast!

Sienna & Serena said...

So funny! I love these pictures! Seeing how much fun they are having makes my heart smile!


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