Monday, August 17, 2009

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

At Stay 'n Play, the kids played "What Time is it Mr. Wolf". Beck had a lot of fun sneaking up on whoever was playing Mr. Wolf and then running away screaming when "LUNCHTIME!" was yelled.

The instructor let each child have a chance to be Mr. Wolf and Beck giggled and laughed through his turn! His first response to the question "What Time is it Mr. Wolf" was "five o'clock", followed by "six o'clock", then "three o'clock". He kept going until the children were surrounding him, then said "thirty o'clock". The instructor laughed (along with the rest of us) and whispered "say 'lunchtime' Beck!" He then yelled "LUNCHTIME" and chased all of the children back to the line, laughing all the way!



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